PUBLIC EXHIBITIONS – To view the proposed Policies in the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan:



Saturday, 13th October, 2 – 6 pm at the Ockham Parish Rooms

(Ockham Lane, GU23  6NP – From Ockham Roundabout, left at the War Memorial, OPR on the right)


Friday, 2nd November, 5 – 7 pm

and Saturday, 3rd November, 2 – 5 pm,  Ripley Village Hall (small hall)

Public exhibitions are being held to allow the community and all with a stake in Lovelace to view a full version of the draft Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan (LNP), or a Summary and Guide, and respond to the final questionnaire from the LNP Steering Committee on the 16  proposed policies.   All are available online and as hard copies (see the “Public Consultation on the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan – now started” tab for information).

The exhibitions provides a further opportunity for all to view and agree, or disagree, with the policies and make comments.

The exhibitions are part of the “Regulation 14” public consultation which started on Thursday, 6th September 2018.  The date by which representations must be received is Friday, 16th November 2018.

Exhibition materials designed by James Scrace, Architect – and printed by Scott Hutchinson, Printer at


This is the time for Lovelace residents, workers and stakeholders to decide whether they agree with the individual Policies.  There will be a summary of each of the 16 policies and the community are asked to use the ‘tick box’ questionnaire to show whether they agree, or not, with each policy.

This is known as the 6-week “Regulation 14” Public Consultation and  is expected to start on Thursday, September 6th until Thursday, 18th October.  This is a very important consultation  and more information is shown on the “Reg 14” tab.


The draft polices were updated and in June had a “health-check” review by an independent Neighbourhood Plan Examiner and Aecom, consultants on aspects of NPs.  Both advised where amendments should be made for polices to be more aligned with government National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) rules and Guildford Borough Council 2017 Local Plan policies. the latter expected to be adopted later in 2018.  The amendments have been made and the next stage is to move to a formal Public Consultation.


The steering committee spent many months researching the proposed sections of the plan, as highlighted in the public surveys.    Drafts were prepared for each section and these were finally brought into a consolidated draft which was re-worked in an initial draft.   That draft was sent to our consultants, Navigus, and Dan Knowles at GBC.  Both made comments and suggestions, which have been incorporated in to the next version which is currently being finalised for the next unofficial .”health-check” review by an independent Examiner.

Air quality surveys were carried out in Ripley and Ockham.   A large air quality monitoring unit was located in Ripley High Street for four months, with small diffuser tubes located at various points around the village.  Ockham also had a large unit located on Ockham Common, alongside the A3.   The results were not good and showed that traffic pollution in both areas were above UK and EU legal limits, (see Appendix 4.1 of the LNP).

20 JUNE 2016

We will have stalls at the following events so you can come and see what we are doing, ask questions and talk to us about future progress and timings.

Ripley Rocks – Saturday, 16th July
The Ripley Event – Saturday, 23rd July
The Farmers Market – Saturday, 13th August.

10 MAY 2016

During the first quarter of this year we have established five Policy Teams to look at the five principal elements of our Neighbourhood Plan, i.e. Housing, Infrastructure, Environment, Business and Facilities.

The Business and Housing teams both felt that they needed more input from the community and so they conducted their own surveys, which will help them formulate their ideas and draft policies.

They are now performing the long and difficult task of collecting together the evidence that they need to back up their ideas for ways in which we can improve the area over the next fifteen years and also ensure that development ‘collateral damage’ is as limited as possible.
We are also undertaking a survey of air quality, both in Ripley and near the A3. Air quality has become an important consideration in all major planning decisions in recent years as it has become clear that air quality standards are below those required by EU legislation and that local authorities will be held accountable for these. If it can be shown that contaminant levels in Ripley or around Ockham are above the legal limits, this will affect many of the development policies for the area. For example, Surrey CC have traffic reduction plans for Weybridge and Cobham High Streets, both of which exceed their stated limits for NO2 in air. If you want to know more, look at   –   Surrey Transport Air Quality Strategy.

Unfortunately, surveys of this nature are both expensive and long. So this may hold up the progress of the plan creation. But we feel that this is sufficiently important to be worth waiting for. We’ll keep you posted with progress on this and other matters.

Peter Gelardi, LNPG

20th NOVEMBER 2015

Survey Results

The Lovelace Survey Results are in.  Thanks to all who gave their views.Survey commentary cover

Your responses have all bee transcribed and amalgamated into categories to give us a clear picture of what we think as a community.  To see the categories, numbers and comments, go to    –    Lovelace Stakeholder Survey – Summer 2015

To see the analysis of these results as a commentary of the views of each village,  view   –    Commentary on Survey Results 2015

We are now recruiting people to help us form Policy Groups to examine these results with regard to Housing Development, New Facilities, Infrastructure Development, Business and Employment Improvements and Environmental Issues.

If you would like to be part of this, the most important planning development in this area for many years, just send us a Comment.


The Initial Survey is Now Complete 

If you live anywhere in Lovelace you will be aware of the Lovelace Survey which took place over August and September.  We asked you what you liked and disliked about your village and the Lovelace area andSurvey form cover image what you thought the neighbourhood planners should be looking at.

We got more than 500 responses, of which about 400 were from residents or local businesses. This is a pretty good response rate and has given us plenty to ponder.

We are now analysing these responses.  If you were one of those who responded and told us that you would like to be kept informed, we will be back in touch once this is done.


Last Chance To Get Your Neighbourhood Plan Survey Form In 

This is the message which went out on the Grapevine on Monday the 7th Sept.

How often does someone ask for your opinion and then actually want to hear the answer? Not often. But it’s happening now.  If you live in Ripley, Ockham or Wisley we need your survey forms back this week please.  If you haven’t received one then where have you been!

It doesn’t matter if you were somehow missed, just head over to the Lovelace Plan website, hit TAKE THE SURVEY and give us the gospel according to you.

We’ll take all your comments and suggestions and turn them into a list of things for the planning sub-groups in each village to examine in detail.  They will come up with a set of guidelines which future borough planning committees and other authorities will use to make decisions about what goes on around here all the way to 2030 and beyond.

There will be sub-committees on Housing, Infrastructure, Environment, Local Economy, Transport and probably a few more.  If you are not already part of your village plan group but would like to be part of the researching and proposal writing teams for any of these subjects, just reply to this and Chris will forward your emails to the right person.  This is your chance to be a planner!

We have already had hundreds of responses but need more.  We are particularly anxious to get feedback from people who work here  –  especially if you run a business. If you prefer paper, by all means fill in the form and pop it into any of the collection boxes, indicating clearly on it that you are answering as a business.  Easier and quicker is to hit the website and do it online.

The last date for responses is Friday.  So get your skates on. We’ll get back to you with an analysis of the survey responses in a few weeks’ time.

Peter Gelardi,  Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Group


During August you should have received a Survey Form to let us know what you like and don’t like about your village (as part of the Lovelace Ward).  Thanks to all those who filled them in. We have several hundred, which is a very good response.  We are now reading and collating the answers and will get back to everyone with our initial analysis later this month.  This will give us a place to start when putting together an outline plan for the neighbourhood.

Once this is ready, we will ask you to give us your detailed opinions on what should be added (or removed).


The Neighbourhood Plan Group has been busy distributing survey forms to as many residents, workers and business in Ripley.  This included schools and the various Ripley events over the summer, i.e. the Ripley Event, Ripley Rocks and the Farmers Market.   We already have a substantial bank of responses, but we always need more.

If you haven’t completed the survey,just click on ‘TAKE THE SURVEY’ in the top bar of this website and get it done.