Minutes of a meeting held at The Talbot, Ripley 25 April 2016

Peter Gelardi, Chairman, (PG)(Chairman)
Cameron Brown (Wisley) (CB)( Secretary)
Jackie Bruder (Ripley (JB)
Chris Baker (Ockham) (CB)
Margaret Field (Ripley) (MF)
Jan Jewers (Ripley) (JJ)
Michael Jenkins (Wisley) (MJ)
Jeff McGorry (Wisley) (JMc)

Richard Ayears (Ripley) (RA)
Annie Cross (Ripley) (AC)
Neil Griffin (Ripley) (NG)
Jim Morris, Treasurer, (Ripley) (JM)
Simon Waldman (Ockham) (SW)

1. The minutes of the meeting on 24 February 2016 were agreed and signed by the chairman.

2. There were no matters arising not covered by the agenda.

3. Wisley NPG Report : Due to work commitments the RHS has still not had time to become involved in the work of the LNPG. However, they remain supportive of the objectives of the project and JMc is confident that the situation will improve soon. He added that RHS will make their consultants Montague Evans available to LNPG at RHS’ expense. The Chairman thanked the RHS for that gesture.

4. Ockham NPG Report: CB reported that Ockham PC had expressed concerns about the wording of the housing survey (already circulated) but was confident that the wording was consistent with that used in other housing needs surveys and had been drawn up by Sureey Community Action who were assisting the LNPG Housing Policy Group under whose auspices the survey was conducted. It had also been approved by representatives of Ockham PC beforehand.
Because of the different circumstances of Ockham vs Ripley, the Ockham PC had, however, moved to implement their own housing needs survey to supplement the one conducted by the ward as a whole. This will be presented to LNPG and added to the evidence base on which housing policies for each parish are based.
Ockham PC were also the prime movers of a plan to conduct an air quality survey and had agreed to contribute 50% of the cost. CB, PG and JJ had met with air quality consultants and CB secured a lowest price of £20,000 for s six month survey using two principal data collection points, including data analysis and forecasts based on possible future scenarios. The consultants have advised that, for maximum credibility, tests should be conducted over a six-month period, ideally September to March. This has implications for the LNPG plan timetable but it was agreed that we should follow this advice. Following consultation with Ripley PC, the LNPG agreed to contribute to this study if one of the data points was Ripley High Street. PG asked JMc whether the RHS would contribute 25% of the cost of this exercise. He agreed to consult with the company and respond. [Action PG, JMc]

5. Ripley NPG Report: PG reported that air quality was now a very important consideration in all major planning decisions and it was agreed that air quality data would be a very important part of the evidence base to encourage action by borough and county authorities with regard to traffic volumes, which we the principal concern of Ripley stakeholders, as expressed through the initial survey of opinions done last year.

6. Policy Groups:
• Housing Policy Groups: JB reported, on behalf of the Ripley group, that the next stage is analysis of both the Call for Sites and the Housing Survey responses with the assistance of Surrey Community Action and AECOM. These would cover Wisley and Ockham but any further data from the relevant village representatives would be welcome.
• Facilities Group: An initial memo from this group was circulated prior to the meeting (attached). It had been prepared without contributions from Ockham or Wisley, whose views need to be solicited. There was some concern that this report overlapped with Infrastructure and that better co-ordination might be useful. PG recommended wider use of the paid consultants to guide group heads.
• Commercial Group: MF attended the meeting on AC’s behalf but had nothing specific to report other than that the survey of business opinions was complete and that this would inform the policy group’s deliberations over the next few weeks.
• Infrastructure Group: CB reported that this group will meet in late May after publication of the revised GBC Plan.
• Environment Group: JJ circulated a list (attached) of the key issues to be considered. She commented that the group intended to follow the Yapton Plan style.
• Co-ordination of Groups’ Activities: PG to coordinate with AC to organize a meeting in late May hopefully including Navigus. [Action: AC, PG]

7. Treasurer’s Report: JM provided a report (attached) and requested that the meeting agree the
level of funding / grant he should request for the forthcoming six-month period. PG agreed to meet with JM to fix the appropriate figure once the timings and funding arrangements for the air quality project were firmed up. [Action required, PG, JM]

8. Communications: CB pointed out that the LNPG website had not improved, despite assurances. PG will discuss the solution to this with AC and will take responsibility for getting it back on track.
There was discussion about our ongoing contact with the Lovelace ward community. JJ echoed AC’s written suggestion that LNPG should be more visible at village events. PG considered that we should concentrate our efforts on the draft plan at the moment and that the time to make another splash with Lovelace residents would be when the draft policies and associated questionnaire were ready for consultation. It was agreed to ask Navigus their views and, if appropriate, to consider taking part in the Ripley Event and other similar events this summer.. [Action PG, AC]

9. Timetable: It was accepted that the Air Quality Survey timetable affects our overall schedule
but PG stressed the need to maintain momentum. He will prepare a revised road map by end
May, following consultation with Navigus, AECOM and CB re air quality. [Action PG]

10. Any Other Business:
• AC had asked whether we need an information audit. PG said this would be dealt with at the working group co-ordination meeting.
• PG and CB will report on LNPG progress at the forthcoming Ripley Parish Council meeting.

11. Next Meeting: The next meeting of the LNPG will be 31 May 2016 at 7pm at the Talbot.