Minutes of a meeting held at Little Barn, Ripley 24 February 2016

Peter Gelardi, Chairman, (PG)(Sec)
Richard Ayears (Ripley) (RA)
Chris Baker (Ockham) (CB)
Annie Cross (Ripley) (AC)
Neil Griffin (Ripley) (NG)
Jan Jewers (Ripley) (JJ)

Cameron Brown (Wisley) (CB)
David Alexander (Wisley) (DA)
Michael Jenkins (Wisley) (MJ)
Jim Morris, Treasurer, (Ripley) (JM)
Simon Waldman (Ockham) (SW)

1. The minutes of the meeting on 15th December 2015 were agreed and signed by the chairman.
2. There were no matters arising not covered by the agenda.
3. Wisley NPG Report : Due to work commitments neither David Alexander or Michael Jenkins had been in contact in order to advance the matter of the Wisley housing policy group or to provide the promised RHS data with regard to environmental and other relevant areas. PG and SC undertook to press them on this in the coming weeks as this data could prove a valuable addition to the evidence base on which Lovelace policies will be based. PG would also seek to understand the level of support for the process that RHS were now interested in providing.
4. Ockham NPG Report: The Ockham housing policy group had been recruited from the OPC and had met. A call for sites had been made and sites in the area had been identified. Work was continuing to firm up on housing policies. As part of their research, Ockham proposed an Air Quality (AQ) study of the areas around the village, the A3 and also Ripley. The LNPG approved this plan and agree to contribute to the cost. SC undertook to get quotes from AQ consultants and to set up a meeting with the chosen firm.
5. Housing Policy Groups: Ripley (NG&RA) was leading the way in terms of housing policy consideration and generation. They had put out a general call for sites and had begun the process of analyzing the information available. PG had set up AECOM to advise this group under the sponsorship of Locality, who would pay for this support. It was agreed that he would set up a meeting between their representative, Una McGreachan (UM) and the key people in the village housing groups.
6. Facilities Group: JM had assembled his team and started collecting data.
7. Commercial Group: AC had collected her team. They had decided to survey local businesses more thoroughly than had been possible in the village survey. A survey form had been agreed and distributed. Responses were now coming in, both paper and online. 50 received so far.
8. Infrastructure Group: This group was still in the formation stage but the team members had been identified and strengthened by additional volunteers from Ockham.
9. Environment Group: This team was leading the way. It had held several meetings and had reached the stage of starting to draft policies.
10. Consultants: It was agreed that this was an appropriate time to have another meeting with Dan Knowles, the Planning Officer at GBC who was responsible for supporting neighbourhood plan groups. DK had offered a couple of dates and the meeting agreed on Tuesday the 1st March at 6.00. PG had also spoken to Chris Bowden of Navigus. It was agreed that we would invite him to come to Lovelace and review the progress of the policy groups in April.
11. Treasurers Report: JM provided a report which indicated that the group funds stood at £1,900 which would have to be consumed by the end of March. It was agreed that LNPG would accept a bill from the AQ consultants in advance as a part payment of the LNPG share of the fees for the AQ survey. PG would meet with JM to set the level of funding request for the next six months.
12. Communications: AC agreed to meet Andrea McGeachin to try and improve the LNPG website. SC offered the services of his wife Lisa to help set up a Lovelace Facebook page.
13. Any Other Business: AC reported that the owner of the new wine shop in Ripley was prepared to support a community website. This was welcomed and AC agreed to meet with him to further this proposal.
14. Next Meeting: The next meeting of the LNPG would be on the 13th April at the Talbot.