Minutes of a meeting held at Little Barn, Ripley 16 December 2015 at 7.00pm.

Peter Gelardi, Chairman, (PG)
Richard Ayears (Ripley) (RA)
Cameron Brown, Secretary, (Wisley) (CMB)
Chris Baker (Ockham) (CB)
Annie Cross (Ripley) (AC)
Neil Griffin (Ripley) (NG)
Michael Jenkins (Wisley) (MJ)
Jan Jewers (Ripley) (JJ)
Jeff McGorry (Wisley) (JM)

David Alexander (Wisley) (DA)
Jeff McGorry (Wisley) (JM)
Jim Morris, Treasurer, (Ripley) (JM)
Simon Waldman (Ockham) (SW)

1. The minutes of the meeting on 23nd November 2015 were agreed and signed by the chairman.
2. There were no matters arising not covered by the agenda.
3. Survey analysis and follow up: the proposed policy drafting group membership structure had been circulated ahead of the meeting. Commercial, Infrastructure and Environment will cover the whole Lovelace group; Housing and Facilities will, initially, be village-specific. It was agreed that CB will head up the Infrastructure group, rather than PG. The drafting groups will aim to have their outline policies in place by end February. The Lovelace groups will need an interim meeting during January, if possible with the consultants (PG)
4. Wisley NPG report: JM reported that an email has gone to all RHS staff and tenants and MJ will hold surgeries in the new year for anyone looking for further information or involvement. The RHS representatives will make specific proposals for further work to be done, which will depend to some extent on research already carried out or in the pipeline by RHS in connection with their own development plans. Wisley group will consider the need for a further public meeting in February 2016. (MJ, JM, DA, CMB)
5. Ockham NPG Report: CB reported that Ockham is in the process of setting up its village-specific groups. The developers, Wisley Property Investments, and their consultants, Snapdragon, have been invited to attend a meeting with OPC. It was agreed that there is no need at this stage for LNPG to be directly involved; OPC will report back to LNPG. OPC have now agreed to approach local landowners to look for possible smaller local development sites. Ockham residents wish to carry out air quality tests. RA suggested this might be done with assistance from RPC. CB is obtaining quotes for the work (CB, RA).
6. Ripley NPG Report: RA reminded the meeting of the need to stress in due course the above average pace of new development in Ripley over recent years.
7. The treasurer’s report. JM asked CMB (by email) to remind the committee of the need to use or lose our grant by March 2016.
8. General communication: it was agreed to inform Dan Knowles, Navigus and Aecon now of our current timetable and to request their advice on next steps in the process. (PG). A Ripley resident, Andrea McGeachin has offered help with the website (AC).
9. Review of overall process and timings: CB will update the road map as a matter of urgency (CB).
10. The next full committee meeting will be at 7pm on 9 February 2016 at 7pm at the RHS.

Minutes of a meeting held at Little Barn, High St, Ripley,GU23 6BB, Thursday

22 October 2015 at 7pm


Peter Gelardi, Chairman, (PG)

Richard Ayears (Ripley)  (RA)

Chris Baker (Ockham) (CB)

Cameron Brown, Secretary, (Wisley) (CMB)

Annie Cross (Ripley) (AC)

Neil Griffin (Ripley)  (NG)

Michael Jenkins (Wisley)  (MJ)

Jan Jewers (Ripley)   (JJ)

Jeff McGorry (Wisley)    (JM)

Jim Morris, Treasurer, (Ripley) (JM)

Simon Waldman (Ockham)    (SW)

Apologies: None


  1. Cllr Colin Cross attended the first few minutes of the meeting. He informed us that GBC’s timetable for the Local Plan is to have a first consultation document ready for May 2016. After 6 months’ consultation the final Plan should be approved by Spring 2017. We should target completion of the LNPG ahead of this date. AC pointed out that whenever we complete our plan it will still need to take cognisance of the evolving contents of the new LP.
  1. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting on 1 September 2015 were agreed and signed by the chairman.
  1. Matters Arising:
  • JM reported that we were still awaiting confirmation of the first part of the grant. Subsequent to the meeting he confirmed that the first grant of £2,400 has been approved  and that AECOM, one of the planning consultants appointed by government to deliver the free technical support that complex groups are entitled to will be more than happy to work alongside Navigus or pick up some elements of help with our Plan. Depending on what exactly we require, their help will be delivered face-to-face or electronically.
  • CMB confirmed that Navigus had advised him that there were no specific guidelines about record-keeping and that we should use common sense, keeping copies of everything which might be needed by future reviewing bodies. AC advised that we keep copies of everything, including posters, flyers, articles in local journals etc and printed copies of items appearing online only.
  1. The response to the initial survey and next steps: PG reported that we received 385 response
  • forms from residents and 175 from non-residents attending farmers’ markets, Ripley Rocks etc. There were 180 web responses, all from residents. The next step is to analyse the responses in order to move towards design of the detailed questionnaire and to complete this over the next couple of weeks.
  • SW recommended that the detailed questionnaire be designed to elicit priorities from the respondents. NG stressed the need to involve developers in the process particularly in respect of housing and traffic issues.
  • PG reminded the meeting that Wisley Properties have asked to be involved and CB confirmed that Ockham PC will be holding a meeting with them soon. AC felt that we should make an effort to get a property developer onto the committee and also representatives of local businesses. It was pointed out that the RHS is both a business and a property owner / developer but it was agreed that Ripley was under-represented in these areas.
  • It was agreed that one or more public meetings should be held once a draft of the questionnaire is ready in order to finalise its content.
  • The target timetable is Spring 2016 (see item 7 below)
  1. Additional reports from Ripley, Ockham, Wisley
  • Ripley: Both NG (chairman of the Ripley Group) and AC stressed the need for additional

volunteers to help in Ripley.

  • Ockham: CB reported that Ockham PC is conscious of the need to generate additional housing in the area and will come up with alternative options to the Wisley Properties scheme. They

understand that they can not have a NIMBY attitude to development though they do wish to

preserve environment and heritage assets.

  • Wisley: JM introduced MJ who has joined the RHS with specific responsibility for the

development of Wisley Village, including the letting or sale of houses belonging to RHS and

currently unoccupied. He will also be involved in possible future new housing developments in

the village. He will be chairman of the Wisley NP group in place of Colin Crosbie, who has

now left RHS.

6   Treasurer’s report: JM advised that Ripley PC has covered some of the LNPG’s costs to date.

We will reimburse them from the grant. There was nothing further to report.

7  Roadmap update: It was agreed that although the September 15 date for analysis of initial

survey responses would not be met we should keep to the longer term target dates.

  1. AOB
  • JM reported that GB councillors Billington, Spooner and Furness will attend a public meeting

of Ripley PC at 7pm on December 15 to discuss planning and infrastructure. Someone from the

committee should attend (who?).

  • PG said we should keep Tim Harrold, chairman of CPRE Surrey informed. CMB was

authorised to copy him minutes and other relevant communications.

  • AC circulated a note from the examiners of  Burpham’s LNP and stressed again the need for us

to show that we have involved local businesses. Only one has responded to the initial survey and we need to make an effort now involve more of them in the next stages.

  1. The next meeting will be on Monday 23 November at Wisley cricket pavilion, at 7pm.




Minutes of a meeting held at Ripley Village Hall Annexe, Tuesday September 1 2015 at 7.30pm


Peter Gelardi, Chairman, (PG)

David Alexander (Wisley) (DA)

Chris Baker (Ockham) (CB)

Cameron Brown, Secretary, (Wisley) (CMB)

Annie Cross (Ripley) (AC)

Jim Morris, Treasurer, (Ripley) (JM)

Apologies: Jan Jewer (Ripley), Jeff McGorry (Wisley)

Not present: Neil Griffin (Ripley), Simon Waldman (Ockham)

  1. Minutes: The minutes of the meeting on 29 June 2015 were agreed and signed by the chairman. There were no matters arising not covered by the agenda.
  1. Survey Delivery Report: CB reported that the survey has been distributed in Ockham door to door, via Streetlife, at St Mary’s Church (35 copies) and at Ockham Parish Rooms (50 copies). CMB reported that in Wisley it has gone by email to all RHS staff living in Wisley. DA undertook to send it to all the remaining RHS staff as they are also stakeholders. (Action DA) Leaflets have gone to all non- RHS-owned properties including tenants of The Courtyard (offices), Thames Water and Wisley Church. AC confirmed that leaflets have been delivered to all residential properties in Ripley but not yet to businesses nor organisations. These would be covered over the next few days. (Action AC) Ripley Grapevine has mentioned the survey and will be asked to repeat the message this week and there had been a good response by attendees of the Farmers’ Markets and Ripley Rocks. The Survey was also covered by Send & Ripley Matters.
  1. Wisley Report: DA explained that Colin Crosbie, chairman of the Wisley Group has resigned from the RHS and would in due course be replaced as local chairman by a newly-recruited “Wisley Village Manager”. Meanwhile DA and Jeff McGorry will represent RHS on the Wisley Group and the LNPG.
  1. Ockham Report: CB advised that, as previously noted in email correspondence, Wisley Properties have written requesting that weight be given to their views on the neighbourhood plan. CB has responded advising them on how the process works. The decision on how Wisley Properties might become further involved rests for now with Ockham Parish Council. If necessary the LNPG will take further advice from Navigus.
  1. Ripley Report: AC had already circulated notes on the recent Ripley Parish Council meeting and had nothing further to add.
  1. Treasurer’s report: JM tabled two reports (attached), LNP Funding 2015-2018 and Technical Support Guidance. The immediate issue for the committee was the level of grant we should request for the period to March 2016. It was agreed to request £2,000 to cover printing costs and Navigus fees (Action JM).  It was also agreed that we would ask Navigus’ advice on whether we might qualify for free technical support from Locality (see the relevant paper attached) (Action JM).
  2. Navigus Planning Advice: PG reported that we have no regular contact with them at present though they had advised on the Survey form and procedures. CMB will ask for their guidance on secretarial record-keeping (Action CMB).
  1. The Next Step: (a) Survey Maximisation: PG will contact Ripley businesses and remind Ripley residents via The Grapevine. AC will contact organisations and will try to place posters in shop windows. DA will email all RHS staff and CMB will email non-RHS Wisley residents. CB will remind Ockham residents via Streetlife.    (b) Survey Analysis: it was agreed that we should take advice on this from Navigus (Action CMB) with a view to completing the analysis by mid-October.
  1. Plan Sector Teams: it was decided to defer discussion of the composition of the teams until after the completion of the Survey analysis.
  1. General Communication: (a) Media: it was noted that the initial Survey has been promoted in all appropriate local media.     (b) Website: it would be useful to have an update on responses to the blog etc from SW (not present at the meeting) (Action PG/SW)
  1. Road Map: It was agreed that this will need to be subject to regular revision. It was noted that the target date for the revised Local Plan is now end December 2015 which would suggest a date for the LNPG detailed questionnaire of around end January 2016.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 22 September, place to be confirmed.



held on MONDAY 29TH JUNE 2015

at OCKHAM PARISH ROOMS at 18.00 pm


Peter Gelardi – Chairman

Jan Jewers – Secretary

Cameron Brown – Wisley

Chris Baker – Ockham

Annie Cross – Ripley

Neil Griffin – Ripley

 Apologies from:

Colin Crosby (Wisley)

Simon Waldman (Ockham)

Jim Morris (Ripley)



No matters arising from previous meeting


Appoint a Treasurer

Jim Morris had indicated that he would be prepared to act as Treasurer for the LNPG. Peter Gelardi (PG) suggested that this would be a logical move as he already operated the bank account which held the LNPG funds.  Jim was proposed as treasurer and the meeting approved this subject to confirmation that he would accept the role.

Action: PG to check with Jim that this acceptable for him & RPC

Agree objectives and timescales

PG agreed to re-work the LNPG objectives and timescales in the light of developments to date, once approval had been obtained from GBC for the Lovelace boundary.  He would also aim to have the final version of the Survey form complete by the 11th July.

Appoint Secretary

Jan Jewers (JJ) indicated that she would not be able to continue as LNPG Secretary.  Cameron Brown (CB) agreed to take over this responsibility.  He was proposed by PG and seconded by JJ.


No news.  Will meet and share proposed draft Survey for comment/acceptance

Action: CB will feedback to the group.


14th July meeting and share proposed draft Survey for comment/acceptance

Action: Chris will feedback to the group.


Annie Cross (AC) prepared a list of events for canvasing at local events, all approached were very happy to have the Ripley Neighbourhood Plan Group present there.

Gazebo & ideally a roller banner will be required for some of these events

Action: Annie will contact specific volunteers to help at the events & update Peter & Neil regarding the gazebo & banner.


Nothing to report.  However, PG noted that it was time that the new Treasurer made the necessary application for a new tranche funds for the management of the group.


Yapton Neighbourhood Plan

The Yapton Plan is really quite ‘basic’ with lots of extra general information added.  It was generally agreed that this might be a good guide for the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan to follow


High-resolution maps are coming from GBC requested by both Navigus & Lovelace NPG

Future consultation with Navigus

Action: Peter to send the draft Survey to Navigus for their comment and advice.


The leaflet

A good discussion ensued resulting in changes to the body of text and layout. It was agreed that we should make it clear that this is a non-political and a community project run by volunteers and when it is ‘legally enforced’ is powerful.

Action: Peter to re draft the Survey Leaflet as per discussion and then send electronically to Neil, Chris and Cameron who will be responsible for sharing with their village NPG.  Any minor changes need to be sent back to Peter.  Printing and surveying local people cannot begin until this has been confirmed.

The logo

Scott is currently refining the Lovelace logo and will be forwarding this on to Peter.  This and the Survey leaflet design is a complimentary contribution from Scott to the neighbourhood.

Action: Peter or Jan to follow-up

Printing quantities

It was agreed that we should produce 1,500 information/survey leaflets and 1,500 additional survey forms.

Action: Peter or Jan to follow-up


The wording and structure

After much discussion, many changes were made to the draft.  The idea of single word answers was rejected in favour reducing the number of questions to five and allowing short phrases as answers.

Getting it out there

It was agreed there is a need for door-to-door leaflet deliveries.  In addition an online option will be available on the website.

Getting it back

The Survey can be posted in any of the village drop-off points, or at the events or completed online.  In addition, leaflet droppers would be encouraged to ask for the form back from those they dropped to.

Action: Drop-off points  – CB to check that the Ockham Parish Rooms would beuitable for Ockham. AC to check Pinnocks, The One Stop Shop, Richardson’s. CB to arrange the RHS coffee shop for Wisley.

Events and other consultation opportunities

Shop window posters.

Action: PG to liaise with Scott over possible design for posters.

Organisations that we should engage with

Action: AC to draw up a list of organisations that we should make contact with.



PG reported that Simon Waldman had produced the bare bones of a website, which we would use as the online hub for this project.

Action: PG to get together with SW to ensure that the website contains all the necessary information.

Survey analysis and feedback

Once the survey is ready a deadline date will be decided and included.

Then each village plan group will be responsible for getting these out to everyone and back again.

They will then be analysed by a sub-committee of the LNPG and this analysis fed back to the participants through electronic media, including the website, and printed reports at the drop-off points.

Target for this  –  October.

Action: Decide survey timings at next meeting.


Road Map

Requires a review of the whole process through to completion, along with timings.

Action: Re-do road map.


Road Map

Requires a review of the whole process through to completion, along with timings.

Action: Re-do road map.




Tuesday 28th July at Wisley Cricket Club

Note: Now postponed




at RIPLEY VILLAGE HALL at 1700hrs.


Peter Gelardi (PG) (Chairperson), Chris Bowden of Navigus Planning (CB), Cameron Brown (CBr), Colin Crosbie (CC), Annie Cross (AC), Neil Griffin (NG), Jim Morris (JM), John Pemberton (JP), and Simon Waldman (SW), Chris Baker (CB).


Apologies for absence had been received from Richard Ayears, Lesley Davies, and Jan Jewers.

 The objective of this meeting was to engage with the Lovelace appointed Planning Consultants  –  Navigus Planning, represented by Chris Bowden and to set out a plan for the first steps in the Neighbourhood Plan process.

  1. The role of Navigus Planning
    1. Navigus Planning have been involved with 13 Neighbourhood Plans of varying shapes and sizes and at varying stages of the process. Navigus offer help with engagement and other aspects such as ensuring any questionnaires are as unbiased as possible.
    2. The importance of using techniques particular to the area was discussed. Godalming had developed 20 specific questions, with help from Navigus which had established issues, developed vision and objectives. Help with gathering more evidence, both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ (technical) was offered, and guidance on the limits of the Neighbourhood Plan was discussed. For example, the Neighbourhood Plan must be supportive of future development overall, but could create specific planning policies such as: “applications involving ……. will be refused”.
    3. Distinctions between ‘strategic’ development and local development must be made. The Neighbourhood Plan must be mindful of GBC’s Local Plan timetable, and demonstrate conformity with the emerging Local Plan. The Local Plan would be focused on strategic issues whereas the Neighbourhood Plan would deal with local issues.
    4. Compelling evidence created by the Neighbourhood Plan could possibly engage with GBC’s Local Plan but some specific issues were best left to pressure groups to highlight. Evidence gained from the Neighbourhood Plan process could be used by pressure groups to further their own claims.
    5. Navigus advised that it would probably be next summer before the 1st draft of the Neighbourhood Plan would ready for public consultation. It would need 50% of those voting to accept the draft plan and then approximately 9-12 months from pre-submission consultation to Section 6.


Create specific Lovelace Plan email address (eg:

  1. The Initial Task
    1. Engaging the community will be paramount at this stage. This will be best achieved by disseminating information creating awareness of the Neighbourhood Plan, and that the Neighbourhood Plan belongs to the community. Residents in Ockham, Ripley, and Wisley would be asked to get involved in shaping the Neighbourhood Plan and would play a key part in directing what form it should take.
    2. The importance of impressing the Lovelace area upon people’s understanding was discussed, alongside encouraging a sense of both belonging and commonality amongst local residents. The importance of being clear as to what the Neighbourhood Plan can achieve was discussed, as was the importance of differentiation from GBC’s Local Plan. Local issues had already created awareness of planning processes and could turn out to be a ‘blessing’ for the Neighbourhood Plan.
    3. The Neighbourhood Plan will be collecting the views of the communities. The Plan can address schooling, housing, green spaces, High Streets, employment opportunities, etc., but will probably not be able to overtly influence traffic and infrastructure decisions or strategic sites proposed in the Guildford Local Plan.
    4. The overarching Neighbourhood Plan would cover issues experienced in Ockham, Ripley, and Wisley, but specific policies could be added for each area’s specific needs.


Make initial contact with the Lovelace stakeholders to make them aware of the Plan Group and get some initial feedback from them.

  1. Survey
    1. Navigus advised that a detailed initial questionnaire at this early stage would not be the best way forward. A variety of options were considered for the initial contact with Lovelace stakeholders and it was agreed that this would take the form of a leaflet explaining the situation, the opportunity and the process (briefly).  This would be followed by a very simple survey requiring one words answers, which would indicate areas for consideration in the plan.
    2. These would be disseminated by way of a leaflet drop to each dwelling and the group would encourage maximum response by also attending local events, schools, institutions and organisations to explain and assist.


Purchase gazebo, large scale (A0) mounted maps, and coloured stickers.

Book stands at local events, including: Ockham Parish Day- June 28th; Ripley Farmers’ Market- July 11th, August 8th, September 12th; Ripley Rocks- July 18th, Ripley Event- July 25th.

Consider further events specific to the Neighbourhood Plan, such as exhibitions and visits to local schools and clubs (see Appendix B).

AC agreed to be the group’s ‘Event Organiser’.

  1. Forms of communication
    1. A blog had been created by PG. SW would help with the creation of a website and facebook.
    2. The first leaflet drop will be the (revised) A4 poster with text on the reverse. The importance of visibility was discussed, with advice to increase awareness with a strong campaign encompassing local businesses and electronic communications.
    3. As well as an online survey, a discussion forum on the website would engage people and create more ‘soft’ evidence. Buy-in from the communities was considered essential.
    4. A primary school competition to design a poster was discussed, as was the creation of postcards to hand out at local events.


Leaflet to be updated and circulated.

Revised leaflet/poster to be distributed around local businesses for display.

Articles for local news outlets to be created.

AC, PG, and SW agreed to work on group communications.


  1. Financial
    1. The Group had allocated the initial grant received of £1,900 and Jim Morris had accounted for this to the grant body.

It was now time to apply for the further grants available. Lesley Davies was not able to continue as Treasurer so it was agreed that a suitable person would be elected at the next meeting and they would make the necessary application.


Elect a Treasurer atv the next meeting.


 Next Meeting will be at the Ockham Parish Rooms at 6.00pm on Tuesday the 16th June.


MINUTES OF THE MEETING held at Rovers Den, Ockham Parish Room on 9th February 2015

Chair :                        Peter Gelardi

Secretary:                 Jan Jewers

Those present from Ripley NPG:

Lesley Davies, Lisanne Mealing, Casper Hancock, Annie Cross

Those present from Ockham NPG:

Angie Bailey, Peter Bevin, Robin Brind, Fiona Cheese, Anita Marshall, Andrea Patent

Simon Waldman

Those present from Wisley :

Cameron Brown, Stephanie Fudge (RHS), Jeff McGorry (RHS)

In attendance :

Colin Cross


Peter Gelardi welcomed the larger group (than expected) for the second Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Meeting.  Brief introductions were made round the room.  Apologies were made for some later arrivals.

Minutes of meeting on 14th January – matters arising.

There were no matters arising which were not covered by later agenda items.

Review of LNPG Constitution document

Andrea Patent from Ockham was keen to clarify the Draft LNPG Constitution which proposed membership of the LNPG at Ripley 6, Ockham 3, and Wisley 3.  She proposed a “level playing field’ of 3 members from each parish.

After consultation with Lisanne Mealing and Caspar Hancock, the Ripley Parish councillors present, it was agreed that the LNPG meetings will proceed as proposed, pro-tem and it was further agreed that the constitution would be amended to provide each village with a veto on any proposal which covered their parish area, with which they did not agree.

Peter Gelardi explained that each village will be responsible for producing their own Neighbourhood Plan based on the opinions of the local people, and that the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Group would then stitch these together into one overall plan.  Each parish should run its own Neighbourhood Plan Group, which will be sponsored by the relevant parish council but should include as wide a group of people as possible.  Ripley has just started its Plan Group recruiting process and now has about 30 volunteer villagers and businesses to help with the Ripley Neighbourhood Plan process.

Simon Waldman suggested that Lovelace Ward should endeavour to work to the principle of one single plan.  He felt that this might makes for a ‘stronger’ plan for presenting to Guildford Borough Council.  In view of the disparate nature of the parishes that make up the ward and the differing states of readiness of the three, this was not considered to be feasible at this point, although this position could be reviewed once the different groups had a better understanding of what was required by the plan process and of each other’s requirements.


Peter Gelardi will amend the Constitution to have the 3 villages equally represented by 3 ‘seats’ at each of the Lovelace Meetings, with additional people co-opted as necessary.   Each village will send their 3 chosen representatives to the Lovelace Meeting. These need not be the same people at each meeting.

Report on progress at Wisley

Cameron Brown outlined the unique situation at Wisley.  The village current has no  Parish Council and the majority of Wisley properties are owned by the RHS, which is by far the largest employer in the ward.  Colin Cross noted that Wisley is ‘slightly behind’ both Ockham & Ripley but he is working with the RHS, Cameron Brown and others to establish a Parish Meeting which would be able to operate as the Wisley Neighbourhood Plan Group.  He had written to all residents to call a meeting for the 25th February, assisted by Jeff McGorry of the RHS.

Concern was expressed that this date would conflict with a WAG meeting.  But it was agreed that the meeting would start at 7.00 to enable those who so wished to make the WAG meeting.


Peter Gelardi will chair the first meeting at Wisley until a local chair is appointed.

Report on progress at Ockham

There has been no meeting regarding setting up a Neighbourhood Plan Group however Peter Bevin acknowledged this is an agenda item at tomorrow’s Ockham Parish Council’s meeting.

Ockham have an existing Parish Council plan which will be a useful starting point.

There was discussion about consulting the owners of Wisley airfield.  Some members were reluctant to consult with them through their appointed intermediaries.   It was explained that it was important for the validity of the Lovelace Plan that all major stakeholders were consulted and that anyone had the right to appoint someone else to represent them in the process.

If the owners of Wisley airfield are not prepared to cooperate in the process

Peter Gelardi suggested communicating with Guildford Borough Council to ask for advice as to how to proceed without their engagement.


Peter Bevin to communicate the results of Ockham Parish Council’s progress  regarding the Neighbourhood Plan Group

Report on progress at Ripley

The initial Ripley residents and stakeholders meeting, held at Ripley Cricket Club on the 27th January, had seen 36 attendees and 10 other expressions of interest.  The minutes of this meeting have gone out to those on the Lovelace Group list.


From the volunteers, a Ripley Plan Steering Committee had been selected.  These would meet on the 12th Febuary after the Navigus presentation.

Treasurer’s report

Angie Bailey reported that she was not now able to take on the LNPG Treasurer role. Lesley Davies, with assistance from Colin Cross, had negotiated the initial £1,900 which is held in the Ripley Parish Council account.  Jim Morris, Ripley’s PC Clerk, has agreed to act as unofficial bookkeeper for LNPG funds but Lesley agreed to continue to act as the LNPG Treasurer, responsible for negotiating additional funds.

Dan Knowles was the Guildford Planning Officer who had been appointed to help the LNPG under the ‘Duty to Cooperate’ provision of the Localism Act.  He had been helpful to date and had suggested that there would be a further £4,000 to £8,000 available after April and that funds were available from a variety of sources.


Lesley Davies to be the Honourary Treasurer and to investigate other possible sources of neighbourhood plan funds.

Drafting an outline plan of action

For each parish

Peter Gelardi has emailed a ‘road map’ of the process (from which would provide the starting point for planning future activity.  Each village plan group would proceed at their own pace down this path.

All group members should familiarise themselves with the details of other similar village neighbourhood plans and the routes taken to arrive at these, including the questionnaires used and the communication methods employed to maximise the effectiveness of the consultation process.  This information was freely available on the internet and plan group leaders should email useful links in this connection to other plan group members.

For the Lovelace Ward

The next step for the LNPG as a whole would be to appoint a professional planning advisor, paid for out of the funds made available.  The first move in this direction would be to receive a presentation from Navigus Planning on the subject.

Navigus meeting arrangements

Peter Gelardi outlined details of the presentation by Navigus to be held on Tuesday 12 February 19:00 at Ripley Scout Hut.

The Ockham members asked a number of questions (in italics below) on the subject of the appointment of professional planning consultants.  Peter Gelardi and Colin Cross provided answers, as follows :

  • Why employ planning consultants? The LNPG members were all amateurs with limited time and little experience with the complex neighbourhood plan process, it made sense to use professions advice, especially as funds were provided to pay for this. Lisanne Mealing pointed out that consultation questionnaires would need to be ‘validated’ by independent professionals and this might be an additional role for the consultants engaged.
  • Who are Navigus? An independent firm of planning consultants, recommended by GBC, which has assisted more than 20 neighbourhood plan groups to date.
  • Can we be assured that they will provide confidential consultancy service and not share with GBC the findings? This is a question to be asked of Navigus.
  • What are the costs and how do they compare to others that provide the same service? This is a free 2 hour session and we can ask about the costs at the presentation.

Simon Waldman suggested that the group should look at alternative planning consultants to ensure that we contracted with the best people possible.  This was agreed.


Simon Waldman will research this question and come up with (a) suggested criteria for choosing a consultant, and (b) at least one other firm that was prepared to provide a similar presentation to Navigus, for comparison purposes.

Internal and external communications arrangements

It was agreed that awareness needs to be raised in all the villages regarding the Neighbourhood Plan and village communications would be very important.  Each village would make its own arrangements but, for now, Lovelace would provide

  1. A URL/web site for the ward as a whole, which would contain all the main documentation and process explanations, but which would provide links to blogs pages for each village.
  2. A single email address for LNPG correspondence.

Peter Gelardi outlined the other communications options which Ripley were considering. These include

  • An RNPG WordPress blog
  • Social media – Facebook, Twitter
  • A single email address for the RNPG
  • For the ‘non-computer-literate’ – sign boards and notices
  • Flyers –  with ‘impact’.
  • A stall at Ripley Farmers Market
  • An event hosted by RHS at an appropriate time (agreed by Jeff McGorry)

However, the most important communication vehicle to maximise response rates would be direct door-to-door communication, with each of the RNPG ‘Helpers’ team taking responsibility for a specific section of the village.

It was agreed that communications with residents and businesses in our villages needs to be engaging and interesting.  It should be something ‘different’ and we should ‘think outside the box’.


Simon Waldman will set up a web address and site Lovelace but will need others to accept responsibility for each village blog site.

Any other business

Immediate next steps

  • Establish a settled village plan group for each village and elect officers and LNPG representatives.
  • Research the neighbourhood plan templates and the experience of other neighbourhood plan groups more thoroughly.
  • Consider what kind of professional support we may need and the investigate resources available.
  • On the basis of this, select our planning consultants and negotiate a deal with them.
  • Establish a draft timetable to get to a presentable Lovelace Ward Neighbourhood Plan ready for submission to GBC.
  • Date of next meeting

Lovelace Meeting – 2nd March – 19:30  Rovers Den, Ockham.


Meeting:            Wednesday, 14th January 2015, 7.30 p.m.

Location:          Durslea, The Green, Ripley

Participants   Colin Cross – Lovelace Borough Councillor

Annie Cross – Ripley Resident

Ripley Neighbourhood Plan Group

Richard Ayears – Ripley Parish Councillor

Peter Gelardi – Ripley Resident

Jan Jewers – Ripley Resident

Ockham Neighbourhood Plan Group

Peter Bevin – Ockham Parish Councillor

Robin Brind – Ockham Parish Councillor

Angie Bailey – Ockham Resident

Fiona Cheese – Ockham Resident

Wisley Representatives

Stephanie Fudge – employee of RHS

Jeff McGorry – employee of RHS

Cameron Brown – Wisley Resident

AGENDA – Minutes

  1. Apologies
  1. Introduction and modus operandi of groups – Colin Cross
  • Colin Cross opened the meeting with a summary of the objectives neighbourhood plans generally and particularly in the three parishes which make up the Lovelace Ward.
  • The representatives present from each parish stated their intention to harness the energy and opinions of the villages that they represent to produce a neighbourhood plan for each village. They further undertook to combine these plans into a single, coordinated proposal for the Lovelace Ward as a whole, for submission to  Guildford Borough Council (GBC) with a view to this being accepted as a statutory reference document for planning decisions in the relevant area.
  • Each village will form their own plan group, drawing as widely as possible from residents, businesses and other stakeholders and will feed information and effort into the LNPG cause.
  • The LNPG is to be the steering group with approximately 12 members drawn from the 3 villages, numbers to be in proportion with the size of the village e.g. 3 from Wisley (2 RHS representatives & 1 resident villagers); 3 from Ockham (including at least 1 Parish Councillor); 6 from Ripley (including at least 1 Parish Councillor).
  • Each village group to have a system of substitutes for maintaining representation at the LNPG Meetings
  1. Appointment of a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer for LNPG
  • Peter Gelardi – proposed & accepted to be the Chairperson of LNPG
  • Jan Jewers – proposed & accepted to be Secretary of LNPG
  • Angie Bailey – proposed & accepted to be Treasurer of LNPG

These are pending proper elections later.

  1. Discussion of Draft Constitution
  • A draft Constitution document for the LNPG has been drawn up by Peter Gelardi. This was circulated, considered and agreed unanimously, subject to the description of the various parish groups being changed from Forums to Plan Groups.  The revised document is attached as Appendix 1 of these minutes.
  • Colin Cross, in his capacity as Ripley Parish Councillor, will submit a formal letter requesting recognition for the LNPG to Guildford Borough Council (GBC). This will be supported by a map of the Lovelace Ward and letters of support from Ockham and Wisley parishes.
  1. Financial matters
  • Colin Cross has applied to Guildford Borough Council for financial support for the LNPG under the Localism Act and has been provided with £1,900. This is held by Ripley Parish Council.  The Group agreed that it should be held there as long as Ripley Parish Council has no objection. Further funds may well be available in the next financial year (April 2015-2016).
  • Angie to be introduced to Jim Morris, Clerk to Ripley Parish Council who manages the account.
  • Other funds may be available from Ripley Parish Council ‘just in case’ LNPG require more than £1,900 before April 2015.
  1. Outline of overall timeframes
  • The ideal & earliest completion of the Neighbour Plan would be September 2015, all agreed this is a challenging timeframe.
  • Richard & Peter to suggest some ‘milestone’ dates based on the Neighbourhood Planning Rad Map.

7             First Steps and Training Evening

  • Now that the structure of the LNPG was settled, the next step was to establish the constituent village plan groups and to widen the membership of these as far as possible. Colin Cross has arranged that, once sufficient potential village plan group members had been recruited, Navigus Planning – professional planning consultants –  will provide a two hour presentation & Q&A session for all potential plan group members from all three parishes.
  • Colin Cross to explore possible dates. (Note – post meeting – 12th February selected).
  • The cost of £200 (refunded if LNPG use Navigus later) can come from current funds.
  1. Discussion of individual Parish issues
  • WISLEY – no longer has a Parish Council; RHS is the biggest employer in the Lovelace Ward; RHS is underway with plans to work with Wisley village but has not yet consulted the residents; RHS is a charity and from a practical point may take some time to get acceptance within the organisation; Cameron Brown is a resident in 1 of approximately 10 homes not owned by the RHS, there may be a possibility of having a Residents Association
  • OCKHAM – has an active Residents Association which meets every first Monday in the Black Swan & an invitation was extended to all to attend this; there is a Parish Council and WAG (Wisley Airfield Group) are very active objecting to Guildford’s 2014 Local Plan
  • RIPLEY – are currently canvassing residents and businesses to join the Ripley Neighbourhood Plan Group and the next meeting is scheduled for 27/1/15
  1. Any other business

Colin Cross was thanked for his excellent work in shepherding the parish groups into the creation of the LNPG.  The members undertook to carry on his good work

  1. Date of next meeting of LNPG.
  • Monday 9 February at 19:30 at the Rover’s Den at the Ockham Parish Council Rooms.