Minutes of a meeting held at The Talbot, Ripley, July 6 2016

Peter Gelardi, Chairman, (PG)(Chairman)
Cameron Brown (Wisley) (CMB)( Secretary)
Richard Ayears (Ripley) (RA)
Chris Baker (Ockham) (CB)
Annie Cross (Ripley) (AC)
Jan Jewers (Ripley) (JJ)
Jim Morris, Treasurer, (Ripley) (JM)

Not present: Michael Jenkins (Wisley) (MJ)

1. The minutes of the meeting on 1 June 2016 were agreed and signed by the chairman.
Matters arising
a. RHS Contribution to LNPG Objectives
The chairman reported that despite ongoing efforts he has still been unable to generate any serious input from the RHS. He read a note from Jeff McGorry which explained that, contrary to earlier assurances, they could not now provide access to their planning consultants within a useful timeframe and that the RHS have also declined to make any financial contribution to the proposed Air Quality Survey (AQS).
The steering group members expressed disappointment that the RHS as the biggest local employer was still not playing a part in this important planning exercise. It was agreed that PG would seek a meeting with the RHS, together with Colin Cross, the local Borough Councillor. He would also check with Navigus about the possible implications for the validity of our plan should RHS not take part in the process (action PG).

2. Review of GBC Local Plan:
The new draft LP has been published with only six weeks for consultation. Various local parish councils will be commenting on it to their residents. It was agreed that we must ensure that the LNP (or the Emerging Plan) is submitted before the end of 2017 so that GBC are obliged to take it into consideration when finalising the GBC Local Plan.

3. Review Status of Air Quality Project:
OPC are still awaiting quotes and will consider them at their 12/7 PC meeting. CB warned that Ockham may decide to pull out. If this were to happen it was agreed that Lovelace would still go ahead with a more limited AQ study based around Ripley High Street, with a minimum three-month period and very limited analysis.

4. Review Draft Policy Suggestions from Working Groups:
JJ produced a first draft of a Vision Document, designed to pull together the key strands of the Working Group proposals. PG will develop this and make the first attempt at pulling all the Policy Teams papers into one cohesive document once their final versions are in (action PG)

a. Facilities: nothing new to report. JM will send a document to PG shortly for the “amalgamated” document
b. Commercial: AC had circulated a draft ahead of the meeting, the contents of which were noted. There has still been no input from RHS, Thames Water or The Wisley golf club. CMB continues to chase the latter two and will contact Lisanne Mealing about broadband in Wisley. CMB will also contact one of the Wisley residents with a large barn suitable for development as a mini business centre. (action CMB)
c. Infrastructure: CB had circulated a paper prior to the meeting. He reported that two key issues are still being reviewed – parking and broadband and added that traffic data for Wisley was needed (presumably the RHS have this in connection with their own planning applications). CMB requested that the requirement for additional cycling facilities should be phrased to make it clear that we are not calling for the general widening of roadways but dedicated cycle tracks.

d. Environment: JJ had nothing new to add and will send the current draft to PG.

e. Housing and Physical Development: RA reported that meetings have been held and policies are evolving but there has still been no input from RHS on behalf of Wisley. At the last meeting MJ had undertaken to make RHS’s broad development plans for new housing / village revival available to RA as soon as possible but nothing has been received. (action RA to chase RHS) Meanwhile the housing needs questionnaire for Ockham is still being analysed and a report is still awaited.

5. Coordination with neighbouring Plan Groups:
AC had a meeting attended by NP representatives of Effingham, Pyrford, Send, West Horsley – minutes to follow (action AC). It was a useful meeting and will be repeated. Effingham have supplied copies of their plan.

6. Treasurer’s Report:
JM had nothing specific to report. It was decided that the LNPG would wait until a final decision had been made on the nature and cost of the AQ survey before submitting a fresh funds request.

7. General Communication:
Little progress to report on the website. AC has agreed to organise LNPG stands at the Ripley Event on July 23 and the Farmers’ Market on August 13 and Ripley Rocks. (action AC to organise display materials and stand attendees).

8. Road Map:
PG distributed a revised Road Map. See attached.

9. Consultants
Nothing new with TNP or Dan Knowles. The group were joined at 8.30pm by Jim Allen who had been heavily involved with the successful Burpham NP. We had an informal but extremely useful discussion and agreed unanimously that we should take advantage of Jim’s offer of assistance, subject only to cost.

10. AOB

11. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be Wednesday 10 August, 7pm at The Talbot