Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Group

Minutes of a Meeting held on 27 March 2019 at 2pm am at RPC offices

PRESENT: Annie Cross (chair), Cameron Brown (secretary), Jennie Cliff (RPC), Richard Ayears (RPC),

  1. Apologies: Peter Bevan (OPC), Michael Jenkins (RHS Wisley) Lisanne Mealing (RPC), Jim Morris (RPC), Malcolm Aish (OPC)
  2. The minutes of the meeting of 13 March 2019 were were agreed (to be formally signed at the next meeting)
  3. Matters arising:  Progress on the EU Obligations Statement: MA to follow up
  4. Progress on Policy / Justification revisions:
  • Navigus will give us a half day to review the policies on Monday 1 April, concentrating on Air Quality, Housing, Biodiversity and other items specifically highlighted.
  • Having received Navigus’ response we will decide whether to submit the LNP for a second informal review by GBC.
  • RA advised that the NPPF requires housing policies to propose a minimum development density of x ‘properties’ per hectare. The LNP will propose 20 with a maximum 40 within settlement boundaries and 30 elsewhere (not applicable to single dwellings).
  • Progress on Reg 14 summary: AC said that the Nov 30 2018 comments on the WPIL Reg 14 responses need to more detailed. [Action AC/CB]
    5. AOB: None
    6. Date of next meeting: Wed 3 April 2019 at 2pm  (Subsequently postponed to 10 April 2019)