Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Group

Minutes of a Meeting held on 13 March 2019 at 2pm am at RPC offices

PRESENT: Annie Cross (chair), Cameron Brown (secretary), Jennie Cliff (RPC), Richard Ayears (RPC),

  1. Apologies: Peter Bevan (OPC), Michael Jenkins (RHS Wisley) Lisanne Mealing (RPC), Jim Morris (RPC), Malcolm Aish (OPC)
  2. The minutes of the meeting of 27 February 2019 were approved and signed
  3. Matters arising
    • Progress on the Local Views section: JC to edit / expand the descriptions
    • Progress on the EU Obligations Statement: MA to prepare
    • SEA/HRA/AA revisions will be automatically instigated depending on the results of the re-screening of our draft Plan (see item 7, bullet point 2)
  4. Progress on Policy / Justification revisions: AC and RA have almost completed this and expect to          circulate the revised policy document by the end of the week. It was agreed that the parish councils should be asked to review these revised / edited policies as a matter of urgency, hopefully next week.
  5. Progress on Reg 14 summary, how best to explain policy changes made in response: it was agreed to reformat the sheets to allow comments to follow the relevant submission. CB will deal with the statutory responses, using his notes from the November LNPG meeting. AC and RA will deal with the GBC responses and the public responses. AC to circulate the documents in the revised format soonest.
  6. Progress on Design Statement: RA is dealing; close to completion
  7. Progress on overall Plan redraft; what is left to do? Timetable / responsibilities:
    • AC will circulate the revised Policies / Justifications
    • GBC have suggested that they give the Plan a second informal review before we formally submit it. It was agreed that this would be prudent although it might add several weeks to the timetable. We will endeavour to have the policies document available for GBC to review following the Parish Councils’ meetings next week, if possible. The full Plan to be submitted to GBC within 3 – 4 weeks.AC will circulate revised policies and justifications by this Friday if possible, to the PCs and other involved parties. If the full Plan is ready, that will be circulated. This will not include any comments from the PCs.
    • After the Plan is submitted GBC will arrange a SEA/HRA re-screening whilst we finalise the remaining submission documents.
    • We will reinstate the discipline for revisions: a named team member will co-ordinate one or more sections (see below). Any comments will go (as a markup) to that person, who will send a definitive markup to CB to incorporate (as a markup) into the next draft. This means that the master draft will reside with CB.
    • Intro / front matter: co-ordinator CB
    • Constraints and Challenges: co-ordinator AC/MA
    • Policies / Justifications: co-ordinator AC
    • Vision and Objectives: co-ordinator AC
    • Local Views and Green Spaces: co-ordinator JC
    • Maps: co-ordinator AC. Please all review quality, relevance, anything missing?
    • Basic Conditions Statement: co-ordinator AC
  8. Finances: We need to know the QC’s bill soonest. Depending on what is left for the current year we will ask Navigus to review the AQ section of the Plan as it affects Ripley town centre and the Ockham soil issues. They charge £500 per day, so one or two days maximum. JM to advise re any outstanding costs for maps
  9. AOB: None
  10. Date of next meeting: Wed 27 March 2019 at 2pm