Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Group

Minutes of a Meeting held on 20 February 2019 at 2pm am at RPC offices

PRESENT: Annie Cross (chair), Cameron Brown (secretary), Jennie Cliff (RPC), Lisanne Mealing (RPC), Jim Morris (RPC), Malcolm Aish (OPC)

  1. Apologies: Peter Bevan (OPC), Richard Ayears (RPC), Michael Jenkins (RHS Wisley)
  2. The minutes of the meeting of 06 February 2019 were approved and signed
  3. Matters arising: no matters arising not covered in the agenda
  4. QC response (if received): MA anticipates a response this week
  5. Grant monies update: A grant for the current financial year of £2500 has been approved. A further application can be made for next year. It was noted that Peter Chapman of Locality has advised that an HRA / AA assessment could be funded by Locality, using AECOM, should we require an alternative. It was agreed to await the QC’s opinion.
  6. AQ Policy: a redraft of policies based upon GBC’s Reg 14 comments and prepared by AC was considered. It was felt that this and the Justification required technical knowledge which the LNPG does not have. AC will speak to other NPGs, including Pyrford, West Byfleet and perhaps Send to see whether they can help.
  7. Survey Comments: LM is close to completing the summary of the public’s Reg 14 responses. The document (an EXEL sheet) will include a summary of the comments on each policy and a note explaining what Plan changes, if any, have been made in response to these comments. The complete responses will be included in the Consultation Statement. LM anticipates completing this exercise this week.
  8. Basic Conditions Statement: now completed by JC. To be reviewed by AC.
  9. Progress on overall Plan redraft: Policies EN5 and H1 and H2 were discussed and re-drafted. AC has used the September Reg 14 version, updated by CB on 24.11.18, to add the policy changes provided by RA this month and over the next two weeks will continue reviewing the GBC and other comments.   The outstanding policy discussions will be held by email and revised policies produced as soon as possible thereafter. Justification redrafts will be the subsequent task.
  10. Cameron to review the front sections and consider whether sections 4 and 5, Vision, Objectives, Policies, can be merged.
  11. Date of next meeting: Wed 27 Feb 2019 at 2pm