Minutes of a meeting of Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Group

Held at RPC offices on Friday 25 January 2019 at 10 am

Present: Annie Cross (chair), Cameron Brown (secretary), Lisanne Mealing (RPC), Jim Morris (RPC), Peter Bevan (OPC), Malcolm Aish (OPC), Colin Cross (GBC councillor – part of the meeting)

  1. Apologies: Jan Jewer, Jennie Cliff
  2. Minutes of the LNPG meeting of 20-11-2018 were approved
  3. Matters arising: the analysis of the Reg 14 responses has been taken over by LM and is ongoing
  4. CC raised the issue of the timetable for submission of the plan. Legal advice will be taken (see item 5 below) but CC pointed out that we should ideally be submitting before the new LP is accepted, though he felt that this was very unlikely to happen before the May GBC elections. MA reminded the meeting that the authority of the LNPG extended for only five years beyond its commencement date (subsequently established as July 2015). He added that the timing is dependent not upon what we might want, but on what we may do legally and the need to avoid all possible weaknesses in the final Plan.  (CC left at this stage)

AC outlined the procedure for submission:

  • When our Plan is submitted to GBC it goes to public consultation for a six-week period, during which we select our preferred Examiner. At the end of the six weeks the Plan goes – unchanged, but accompanied by comments from GBC – to the Examiner.
  • Once the Examiner’s report is written GBC make amendments to the Plan based on the Examiner’s recommendations. MA questioned this and will add a question in the letter to Richard Harwood QC (5 below).
  • The revised Plan is then voted on in a referendum organised by GBC of all Lovelace residents. A decision requires a simple majority of those voting.

AC proposed, and those present agreed, that RPC and OPC should write a joint statement  to            accompany the draft Plan stating the PCs’ objections to the  large developments proposed for rural             Lovelace.

  1. OPC’s draft letter to Richard Harwood QC was discussed. Subject to minor drafting changes and the addition of the question referred to in 4 above it was agreed that the letter should be sent as soon as possible.
  2. The current legal costs estimate is in the region of £1200. JM confirmed that he has applied for a further grant of £3000 to cover this and other future costs. In case we need to arrange for a Screening Assessment or an Appropriate Assessment it was agreed that we should obtain estimates of the costs (action: JM). Technical support may be available via Locality. It was, however, noted that GBC provided the AA for Horsley’s NP and AC will ask them who paid for it (action: AC)
  3. AOB:
  4. AC commented that, as the need for a Screening Assessment derives from our policies, we should consider amending relevant policies to obviate the need for a SA or AA – by only having ‘rural’ policies. It was agreed that we should await the legal opinion.
  • Timetable:
  1. Await the legal opinion then reconsider policies
  2. Review the Air Quality sections as these are of increasing importance
  3. Finalise the summary of the Reg 14 responses
  4. Progress the Basic Conditions Statement (Jennie Cliff)
  5. Prepare a EU Habitats Statement
  6. Progress the Consultation Statement
  7. Complete a Design Statement (Neil Griffin)
  8. Future meetings. Each Wednesday at 10am at RPC