Minutes of a meeting of the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Group

Held at Ripley PC offices on 30 January 2019 at 10:00

Present: Annie Cross (chair), Cameron Brown (secretary), Jennie Cliff (RPC), Jim Morris (RPC) (part of the meeting), Malcolm Aish (OPC), Richard Ayears (RPC)

  1. Apologies: Lisanne Mealing (RPC), Peter Bevan (OPC), Michael Jenkins (RHS Wisley)
  2. The minutes of the meeting of 25-1-19 and the revised minutes of 25-11-18 were approved unanimously and signed by AC
  3. The draft letter to Mr Harwood QC was discussed and further amendments will be made. JM explained that the LNP is still likely to receive a grant of up to £4,900 in this financial year and that this would be used to cover Mr Harwood’s costs, currently estimated at £1200 + VAT. JM added that there would be future claims on this grant funding, including Navigus’ costs and printing etc and that the two PCs should therefore try to keep a contingency fund available for the 2019/2020 financial year. It was agreed that Mr Harwood be instructed, subject to our agreeing a final redraft of the letter, ideally by 4-2-19 (action – all). CB to provide a note for Mr Harwood showing where TFM is referred to in the draft LNP (action CB).
  4. RA led a discussion on GBC’s comments from the Reg 14 consultation. Their comments on Housing Policies were debated at length and it was agreed that RA will circulate a redraft of these policies. He will, for the next meeting, also send his proposed redrafts of the other policies (or some of them…) so that the LNPG can consider them in advance of the meeting (action RA).
  5. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 6-2-19 at 14:00 at RPC.