Minutes of a meeting of the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Group

Held at Ripley PC offices on 06 February 2019 at 14:00

Present: Annie Cross (chair), Cameron Brown (secretary), Malcolm Aish (OPC), Richard Ayears (RPC), Jennie Cliff (RPC), Lisanne Mealing (RPC), Jim Morris (RPC) (part of the meeting),

  1. Apologies: Peter Bevan (OPC), Michael Jenkins (RHS Wisley) minutes of the meeting of 30-1-19 were approved unanimously and signed by AC
  2. Progress reports from LM and JC were taken next (Agenda 6): LM has met with Peter Gelardi to further review the Reg 14 responses from online and physical questionnaires and is making good progress. It was agreed that we should add a summary section to the analysis to indicate what drafting changes have been made in response to comments received. JC is also making progress with the Basic Conditions Statement. She confirmed that she is working from the Reg 14 version of the plan, not from a later amendment. (action LM, JC)
  3. (Agenda item 7) RA led a discussion on his policy redrafts in response to GBC’s comments from the Reg 14 consultation. The policy revisions (H 1-4; EN 1-4 and I (Infrastructure) 1-6) were debated at length and it was agreed that AC and CB will prepare a redraft of these policies. RA will complete his redraft of the remaining policies as soon as possible. Justifications have not yet been redrafted (action CB, AC, RA)
  4. (Agenda items 4 & 5) There was nothing new to report on QC’s advice nor on funding.
  5. AOB:
  6. AC and CB to produce a new Plan Draft incorporating the revisions referred to in 4 above and CB’s redrafting covering formal written responses to Reg 14 (see minutes of a meeting on 30-11-2018) (action AC, CB)
  7. The agenda for the next meeting to include an AQ update (action MA).
  8. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 20-2-19 at 14:00 at RPC