Minutes of a meeting held at The Talbot, Ripley, August 10 2016

Peter Gelardi, Chairman, (PG)(Chairman)
Cameron Brown (Wisley) (CMB)( Secretary)
Chris Baker (Ockham) (CB)
Annie Cross (Ripley) (AC)
Jan Jewers (Ripley) (JJ)
Jim Morris, Treasurer, (Ripley) (JM)
Apologies: Richard Ayears (Ripley) (RA)
Not present: Michael Jenkins (Wisley) (MJ)
In attendance (part of the meeting) Jim Allen (JA)

1. The minutes of the meeting on 6 July 2016 were agreed and signed by the chairman.
(a) Matters arising
CMB has contacted one of the Wisley residents with a large barn suitable for development as a mini business centre.
CMB emailed the Wisley mailing list to ask their views on broadband. The results have been forwarded to Lisanne Mealing.
(b) RHS contribution to the plan: PG reported that a meeting has been arranged with Montagu Evans, RHS’ consultants, on 23 August. CMB & PG will attend.

2. Review of GBC Local Plan:
The public consultation process is now closed but it is understood that the SHMA is to be re-visited as a result of the Brexit vote.

3. Review Status of Air Quality Project:
CB reported that GBC have installed diffusion tubes at Newark Lane, the nearby Ripley traffic lights and at Elm Corner. These devices are apparently not very accurate. It was agreed to ask Navigus for their view as to whether AQS results from these devices are valuable (action PG)
Jim Allen was asked to examine what other local neighbourhood plans what they have done about AQS (action JA). The latest estimated cost of carrying out a single point full survey in Ripley High Street is £7,500.

4. Review of Working Groups activity reports:
a. Facilities: Working with other groups to integrate draft policies into one document.
b. Commercial: AC reported that further questionnaires had been completed at Ripley Rocks, the Ripley Event and the July Farmers’ Market and she will attend the August Farmers’ Market.
c. Infrastructure: CB commented that the GBC website is providing useful background information.
d. Environment: JJ was also working with the other groups to integrate draft policies into one document..
e. Housing and Physical Development: RA had sent apologies. It was agreed that in future Jackie Bruder or another member of the housing team should be invited to attend meetings in RA’s absence. (action PG) CB reported that a recent housing questionnaire circulated in Ockham had elicited an impressive 84 responses from 115 households.

5. Draft Neighbourhood Plan:
There followed a lively discussion on the first draft NP which had been circulated ahead of the meeting. It was not reviewed in detail as it was agreed that it needed further refinement and input on housing before a useful discussion could take place. Group heads will meet on 25 August 2016 at 10am at the RPC offices for a day’s work on the draft. (action group heads)

6. Coordination with neighbouring Plan Groups:
Nothing new to report

7. Treasurer’s Report:
As before, there is £6,600 remaining in available grants. Lovelace is also able to apply for a further £6,000 as a ‘complex’ group. The grant will last for 6 months or until 31st March, whichever is soonest. As each funding element has a limited life once applied for and in view of the fact that there is no pressing need for funds nor any clarity about the potential cost of an AQ survey, PG and JM agreed to hold the next funding application over until the next LNPG Steering Committee meeting.

7. General Communication:
Little progress to report on the website. Events participation continues as previously planned and minuted.

8. Assistance:
It was agreed that the Steering Committee members would do some further work on integrating and refining the Draft Policy document before inviting JA to contribute to further refining, adding teeth and providing evidence where necessary.
In the meantime, he was asked to assist us with research on local traffic modelling and to provide more information in relation to the AQS debate, feeding information to the appropriate working groups. (action JA)

9. Road Map:
The roadmap was revised in the light of progress to date and comments from JA. New version attached.

10. Consultants
Nothing new with TNP: it was agreed that a review meeting would be useful in September (after our next meeting?) Nothing new from Dan Knowles, except that he has recommended we run our draft plan by him before sending it out for initial public consultation. We will have our first meeting with RHS’ Montagu Evans as minuted above.

10. AOB

11. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be Wednesday 14 September, 7pm at The Talbot