Minutes of a meeting of the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan Group

Held at Ripley PC offices on 20 November 2018 at 1030

Present: Annie Cross (chair), Cameron Brown (Secretary), Peter Gelardi, Jan Jewers, Jim Morris (part of the meeting)

The meeting was convened to consider responses received during the Regulation 14 consultation from:

Wisley Investment Properties Ltd (WIPL), GBC, Ripley Court School, Ripley Village Hall Trust, East Horsley Parish Council, Surrey Hills AONB Planning Advisor, Network Rail, Ripley Farmers’ Market, Woking BC, Send PC, National Trust, Surrey Wildlife Trust (including Surrey Nature Partnership), SGN (gas network), Thames Water, the Environment Agency, Natural England, Thomas Rumble on behalf of Woodcock Bros (Wimbledon) Ltd., and Lady Griffiths.

All submissions have been acknowledged on behalf of LNPG by RPC.

The submissions were considered by LNPG:

  • WPIL: this submission challenges the whole validity of the draft Plan insofar as it concerns itself with the proposed development of the former Wisley Airfield, adding that the LNP should be based upon the emerging GBC LP rather than the adopted LP. Significant redrafting is proposed by WPIL. The LNPG concluded that, having given this matter considerable thought over the whole drafting period, the WPIL objections to our approach were not accepted as valid. GBC themselves have advised that our Plan should be based upon the adopted LP whilst taking cognisance of the emerging LP. It was agreed that we should carefully analyse the individual Reg 14 responses before reaching a final decision on drafting. We do not take it as given that the emerging GBC LP will be adopted and the combined effects of the various strategic and large development proposals are so serious as to merit some discussion in the Plan even if they cannot be considered in the Plan policies. A number of other helpful corrections and comments by WPIL will be adopted into a redraft of the LNP
  • GBC: comments to follow after further consideration.
  • Ripley Court School requested that the school should not be listed as a Local Green Space. It was agreed to refer this to RPC for a decision.
  • Lady Griffiths has agreed a 50-year lease of land, which is proposed as a Local Green Space, to Ripley Bowling Club and she has requested that the proposed designation be withdrawn. LNPG considered it should remain on the list in order to offer the site ongoing protection against development.
  • All of the other respondents offered general comments or suggestions or corrections which will be taken into account in the redraft.

PG and JJ will complete the analysis of the online and paper responses to the consultation.

PG will contact Navigus for advice on:

  • The implications of the LNP being submitted before or after January 24 2019, as we understand that as from this date the Plan will have to be based upon the revised NPPF.
  • Whether we have to minute in detail our discussions on individual responses to the Reg 14 questionnaire; in particular WPIL. Will the detail in this minute suffice?
  • GBC’s response to Reg 14

GBC’s Dan Knowles has advised that we will need to carry out an Appropriate Assessment in respect of development sites. JJ pointed out that as we are not offering any sites this responsibility should surely not rest with us. AC will revert to GBC.

CB will commence redrafting taking into account comments from all parties other than GBC and WPIL, which will follow at the next stage.