Minutes of a meeting held at Ripley PC offices Tuesday 28 February 2017

Peter Gelardi, Chairman, (PG)(Chairman)
Richard Ayears (Ripley) (RA)
Chris Baker (Ockham) (CB)
Cameron Brown (CMB) (Secretary)
Michael Jenkins (Wisley) (MJ)
Jan Jewers (Ripley) (JJ)
Jim Morris, Treasurer, (Ripley) (JM)

Apologies: Annie Cross (Ripley) (AC)

In attendance: Jim Allen (JA) Malcolm Aish (Ockham PC)

1. The minutes of the meeting on 11 January 2017 were agreed and signed by the chairman.
No matters arising.

2. Review of GBC Local Plan Status:
JA & RA reported that there will be further public consultation during 2017 with a new draft around June and the new plan unlikely to emerge before 2018.

3. Review Status of Air Quality Project:
Ripley tests have still not commenced but CB is hopeful that it will be sorted out soon. (action CB)

4. Draft Neighbourhood Plan:
Substantial progress has been made with first drafts of the policy sections now available. The next stage will be to edit existing material, do further work on appendices and to select maps and other photos to be included. It was agreed that in response to WIP’s recent letter asking how we intended to involve them in the plan process they should be invited to make a presentation to a sub-committee comprising the chairman and representatives for housing and infrastructure. (action PG)

5. Consultants:
PG asked MJ to get Montagu Evans’ input. (action MJ)

6. Road Map:
The Road map was revised (see attached).

7. Treasurers Report:
At 31 December 2016 the LNPG has spent £2,129 of its budget of £16,600. The grant (£5,645.78) must be spent by the end of March.It was agreed thatwe should ask for invoices to be issued for the air quality works before the 311 March deadline. (action CB)

8. General Communication:
A summary of progress was published in a recent edition of Send & Ripley Matters and the website continues to be updated.

9. Next Meeting
The next meeting will be Tuesday 28 March , at 7pm at the RPC office.