Minutes of a meeting held at Ripley PC offices Tuesday 2 May 2017 and Saturday 6 May 2017


Peter Gelardi (Chairman (Ripley) (PG)

Cameron Brown (Secretary)(Wisley) (CMB)

Malcolm  Aish (Ockham)(MA)

Annie Cross (Ripley) (AC)

Chris Baker (Ockham) (CB)

Jan Jewers (Ripley) (JJ)

Jim Morris, Treasurer, (Ripley) (JM) (not on 6-5-17)

Apologies:  Richard Ayears, Michael Jenkins (Wisley) (MJ)

In attendance: Jim Allen (JA)

1.  Minutes.

 The minutes of the meetings on 11 Jan and 28 March 2017 were approved

2.  Draft Neighbourhood Plan:

Other than items 3 & 4 the rest of the meeting was spent on detailed drafting issues

3.  Treasurers Report:

There is a budget of £6,150 available for 2017-18, £5,850 of which is expected to come from grant funding. The process of applying for the grant is lengthy and everything has to be itemised, so please decide how much is required for the next 6 months and estimate what is likely to be spent on what. It was agreed that we should apply for £3,000 of funding for estimated Navigus fees. (Action JM)

 The treasurer subsequently provided details of LNPG’s 2016/17 income and expenditure:

26/10/16 £744.10 Donation from Ockham Parish Council 2/12/16 £6,750 Grant funding  Total income: £7,494.10  17/5/16 £2.59 Provisions for meeting 10/6/16 £22.00 Ripley Event stall 16/7/16 £17.83 Printing 19/7/16 £52.25 Meeting expenses 2/8/16 £16.00 Banner 1/11/16 £314.00 Consultant fees 22/11/16 £600.00 Consultant fees 6/2/17 £411.46 Ink 16/2/17 £92.76 Paper 20/2/17 £573.27 Skanska fee for connecting AQ equipment 27/3/17 £2,040.16 AQ 27/3/17 £6,520.84 AQ 27/3/17 £219.59 Meeting expenses Total expenditure: £11,482.75

4.  Review of Timings

It was agreed that no revision of the timetable is needed at present

5.  Next Meeting

The next drafting meeting will be Saturday 13 May 2017, at3pm at the RPC office.