Minutes of a meeting held at Ripley PC offices on Tuesday 17 October 2017


Peter Gelardi Chairman) (PG)

Malcolm Aish (MA)

Chris Baker (Ockham) (CB)

Cameron Brown (Secretary (CMB)

Annie Cross (Ripley) (AC)

Jim Morris Treasurer (Ripley) (JM)

In attendance:   Jim Allen (JA), Liz Hogger (Effingham NPG) (LH)

1.  Minutes of previous meeting:

The last few meetings of the Steering Committee have been draft editing meetings, which have not been minuted.

It was noted that Jan Jewers had asked to stand down from the committee pro-tem.  PG asked that the thanks of the other committee members for the considerable amount of work that she had contributed be recorded.

2.  Review of GBC Local Plan Status:

GBC are still evaluating responses to the Local Plan and, in the meantime, a planning appeal for the proposed Wisley Airfield scheme is in process.

3.  Review of Effingham Plan progress:

Liz Hogger joined the meeting to give the LNPG the benefit of her experience of negotiating the Effingham Neighbourhood Plan through the consultation process.

We considered the difficult question of how to deal with the fact that the current Guildford Borough Local Plan (2003) was out of date while the proposed new plan, incorporating major changes in Lovelace, was still in flux. The solution that all agreed was to refer only to the 2003 plan but write the policies in expectation that the provisions of the new plan would be implemented at some stage.

She gave the committee some suggestions about policy wording to optimise controls without being anti-development. She also explained that the Reg 14 consultation process needs to be very thorough and provided examples of literature produced in this connection by Effingham NPG. Information about this process is available on the Effingham PC website. GBC and other statutory bodies will also comment at this stage.

SCC were very supportive of Effingham’s protected views policies; LH commented that the justification for selection of views – and of green spaces – was important. She recommended that we look at Effingham’s appendices on these two policies.

At the Reg 15 stage there are a number of additional assessments which need to be carried out, deriving from the NP regulations. These include habitat assessment, human rights assessment and others. JA agreed to consult GBC and take responsibility for ensuring that this documentation was completed when required. (action JA)

4.  Draft Neighbourhood Plan:

The absence of Jan Jewers meant that someone else would have to review and revise the Environment section.  CMB agreed to do this.

PG agreed to review the Housing section to incorporate some of Liz Hogger’s suggestions.

CMB will then do a re-edit of the Key Facts section and tidy up the Ockham element of the housing policies.  These will be ready for the next meeting. The next tasks will be

  • Producing, organising and commenting on photos (especially views)
  • Auditing and ordering maps within the document
  • Deciding which appendices go in the document and which on the website
  • Getting the selected documents onto the website
  • Revising the Intro
  • Getting a final review from Navigus (and maybe GBC)

We expect to have 1 to 5 done by December, which will leave one month for the consultant feedback and revisions and organising the Healthcheck

5.  Healthcheck:

By January the draft should be ready for the Healthcheck.  PG will take up the mechanics of appointing a Healthchecker with GBC and AECOM.

6.  Road Map:

The Road Map came in for a complete revision based on the extended drafting time and to accommodate additional steps pointed out by Liz Hogger. This is attached as Appendix 1.

The key milestones will be Reg 14 consultation – May 18

Submission Draft to GBC  –  August 18

7.  Treasurer’s Report:

Nothing new to report

8.  General Communications:

AC agreed to ensure that the website was kept up to date.

9.  Next Meeting will be on Wednesday 22nd November at 9.30 at Ripley PC offices