Each parish has its own Neighbourhood Plan Group made up fro people who volunteered to help with the process during the first half of 2015. Each parish plan group has established its own Steering Committee whose job is to manage the consultation and planning process in their village.  Each Steering Committee can send up to three representatives to any Lovelace Plan Group meeting.  So the membership is not fixed. However, the current members of the LNPG are below.  Feel free to contact any of them if you need advice on a specific issue relating to the plan.


Peter Gelardi                lovelaceplan@gmail.com


Cameron Brown          cmb@aappl.com


Jim Morris                   clerk@ripleyparishcouncil.gov.uk


Annie Cross                crossannie101@hotmail.com

Richard Ayears                 richard.ayears@ripleyparishcouncil.gov.uk

Jan Jewers                   jja1409@yahoo.com


Chris Baker                 chris.baker177@btinternet.com

Simon Waldman         simon.waldman@gmail.com


Cameron Brown          cmb@aappl.com

Jeff McGorry                jeffmcgorry@rhs.org.uk