In December 2015 five policy teams were set up to prepare Policies for the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan. The groups are Housing, Business, Environment, Facilities and Infrastructure. Since then the individual groups have been researching and communicating on their specific area and initial Draft Policies will soon be available.

The Neighbourhood Plan policies must be in accord with the Guildford Borough Council emerging draft Local Plan and must also be achievable.

The teams are:

Richard Ayears – Ripley – Team Leader
Neil Griffin – Ripley
Gillian Aish – Ockham
Jan Lofthouse – Ockham
Jackie Bruder – Ripley
Andrew Horsefield – Ripley
Robin Brind – Ockham
Frank Watson – Ripley

Annie Cross – Ripley – Team Leader
Margaret Field – Ripley
Joy Warwick – Ripley
John Hartley – Ripley
Tony Miller – Ripley
David Worsfold – Ockham

Jan Jewers – Ripley – Team Leader
Malcolm Aish – Ockham
Nigel Bruder – Ripley
Chris Mealing – Ripley
John Pemberton – Ripley
Andrea Paton – Ockham

Jim Morris – Ripley – Team Leader
Jackie Bruder – Ripley
John Lay – Ripley
Annie Stanley – Ripley
Mary-Claire Travers – Ockham

Chris Baker – Ockham – Team Leader
Lisanne Mealing – Ripley
Ann Lay – Ripley
Barbara Ward – Ripley
Patrick Sheard – Sendmarsh

with support of other residents from Ripley, Ockham and Wisley.