What is Lovelace?

Ripley, Ockham and Wisley form the Lovelace Ward in Guildford Borough and there is a long established connection between the 3 villages, sharing roads, shops and businesses.  We are one of the smallest wards in Guildford comprising of 1,900 voters and it makes sense to work together to create a neighbourhood plan that respects the character of each village but retain our links.

What if each village wants something totally different?

The purpose of undertaking community engagement is to represent what each village wants.  Each village will have the same community engagement questionnaire and this will establish where there are different issues and aims.  It is the job of the LNPG, in conjunction with our planning advisers, Navigus Planning, to ensure that each villages wishes for its own area are implemented within a harmonious overall plan for the area.

Individual villages will be able to veto proposals which materially affect that village and with which the relevant parish plan group disagree.

Has the former Wisley Airfield (Three Farms Meadow) development been rejected?

In June 2018 the result of the Public Inquiry held in September/October 2017 was announced.  This rejected the developers appeal against the GBC Planning Committee’s decision to reject the planning application for 2,000+ dwellings on the former Wisley airfield.  The decision was based on the site being in Green Belt, traffic and environmental issues.

In June/July 2018 the GBC draft Local Plan was the subject of public Examination.   On the last day of the examination the Inspector declared the plan “sound”.  This implies the GBC intention to remove the former Wisley airfield may be allowed, and the owners of the site have said they will submit a new planning application in Spring 2019.  The formal decision of the LP examination is expected to be available later in 2018.

If the development is ever approved, the style of development will have to conform to the stipulations of the Lovelace Plan once the LNP is adopted.

What’s happening at Garlick’s Arch?

Towards the end of the GBC LP examination GBC provided an update showing housing numbers at Garlicks Arch will be increased from 400 to 550.

Won’t this increase traffic?

Traffic will be increased by the above developments plus other public works/developments and the “Challenges and Constraints” section of the plan provides further information.  The LNP excludes information on the current warehouse area beyond the Burnt Common roundabout and Aldertons Farm in Sendmarsh as these are outside Lovelace.  The GBC LP plans the warehouse site as a 7,000+ sq m employment area, which the Surrey Advertiser reports may be increased to 14,800 sq m (Surrey Advertiser, August 31st, 2018, front page).  Aldertons Farm was introduced late in the GBC LP examination and will provide 120 dwellings.

In the short term, construction traffic and HGV’s on the local roads would increase.  Longer term residential traffic will have to be considered when the developments are occupied.

Guildford Borough doesn’t seem to listen to us the Council Tax payers, why is this different?

The 2011 Localism Act now enables the residents of Lovelace, who sometimes feel ignored by the borough council, to have much more influence than hitherto on planning matters.  the vehicle for doing this is the neighbourhood plan.

We already have a Village Plan, why do another one?

The change is this  –  until now, village plans were not legally enforceable.  Neighbourhood plans are.  The Village Plans already written will be a starting point for the production of the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan