Below you will find documents which include the proposed Plan, currently the subject of the Regulation 14 Consultation, the questionnaire and a summary of the Plan.  You are advised to read the full plan so you can make an informed decision on whether you agree or disagree with the proposed policies, or have suggestions on improving the policies.

‘Understanding the Plan’ provides information on specific areas of the Plan, plus background information, and guide you towards the relevant pages within the Plan.  Also below are links to the Ripley Conservation Area Appraisal and the Ockham Parish Plan.

a)     The Plan:     Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan – Consultation Draft

b)     The Questionnaire – Complete the questionnaire to say whether you agree, disagree, or want to make comments to improve the proposed policies:   

c)      Errata – Local Green Spaces.  Amended map:    Errata – Lovelace Local Green Spaces and Local Views

d)      Understanding the Plan:

e)     The Summary:     Lovelace Plan Summary Introduction Sep 18

f)      Ripley Conservation Area Appraisal:     Ripley Conservation Area Appraisal – July 2017

All three villages in Lovelace have Conservation Areas.  Ockham has two, one at Bridge End and one at Ockham Mill, Wisley’s Conservation Area is around the church and Ripley village is a Conservation Area.  .

In July 2017 Guildford Borough Council published the Ripley Conservation Area Appraisal, a well illustrated report which looks at the historic character of the village.   As yet neither Ockham or Wisley have had Conservation Areas Appraisals.

g)      Ockham Parish Plan:     Ockham PC – ParishPlan   

Although Ockham do not a Conservation Area Appraisal, Ockham Parish Council do have a Parish Plan for their village, prepared in 2013.