Public consultations and surveys have taken place since the inception of the LNP in 2015 to ensure the Plan policies reflected the wishes of the communities.  The initial 2015 Summer Survey provided the basis for the Plan, which contains policies on Housing, Environment, Infrastructure & Facilities, Business & Employment.  Some surveys focused on specific areas of the Plan, others checked the Plan was continuing to move in a direction the community required.

Each survey is shown below and the links (dark green and italic) show the results.

PUBLIC EXHIBITIONS – October and November 2018

Public exhibitions showing information on the Plan, including hard copies for consultation, were held held at Ripley Village Hall on Friday , 5th and Saturday, 6th of October, at Ockham Parish Rooms on Saturday, 13th October and at Ripley Village Hall on Friday, 2nd and Saturday, 3rd November 2018.  There were a total of 105 attendees.

SUMMER SURVEY – June-July 2018

The LNP had stands at Ripley Rocks, the Ripley Event and Farmers Market during the summer of 2018.  An update on progress was given and a final pre-Regulation 14 Consultation survey was conducted.

The results of the Summer 2018 survey can be found here – 2018 Summer Survey – Summary

HOUSING SURVEY – May-June 2016 

The Lovelace Housing Survey was distributed to all residents, but Ockham decided they would like to conduct their own Housing Survey.   Below are summaries of both the main survey, together with a  summary of the Ockham specific survey.

The summary of the Lovelace Housing Survey can be found here   –   2016 Lovelace Housing Development Survey – Summary

A summary of the specific Ockham Housing Survey can be found here   –   2016 Ockham Survey – Summary


During the summer 2016, further public consultation was undertaken at the three outdoor public events in Ripley, The Ripley Event, a large annual fete; Ripley Rocks, a large annual music event and the Farmers Market, a monthly event.

The general aim was to assess and/or reaffirm that the general direction that the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan was taking was aligned to local public opinion.  The areas covered in the survey included Housing, Infrastructure, Facilities, Business and Environment.

A summary of the Summer 2016 Survey can be found here   –    2016 Summer Survey – Summary

All responses to the 2016 Summer Survey are shown here   –     2016 Summer Survey – All Responses


In February 2016 a Facilities Survey was conducted amongst young people,  parents and Over 60’s to ask what facilities they currently used and also what new facilities they would like to see.

A summary of the Facilities Survey can be found here   –   2016 Facilities Survey – Summary

All responses to the Facilities Survey are shown here   –    2016 Facilities Survey – All Responses

BUSINESS SURVEY – February-March 2016

A Business Survey carried out in February-March 2016 was distributed to 121 companies throughout Lovelace of which 64 (53%) responded, plus 15 self-employed home workers who completed the survey on-line.   The purpose of the survey was to obtain current information on businesses, ask companies for their vision of the commercial future in the area, plus their perceived constraints to business development.

A summary of the Business Survey can be found here   –   2016 Business Survey – Summary

All responses to the Business Survey are shown here   –   2016 Business Survey – All Responses


In Summer 2015 an initial public survey asked 5 open questions:

“What do you like about your village?”
“What do you dislike about your village?”
“What is missing from your village?”
“What sort of place would you like your area to be?”
“What else in Lovelace is important or should the Neighbourhood Plan address?”

Nearly 500 residents, workers and visitors to Ripley, Ockham and Wisley filled out questionnaires about their views on how the area should develop in the future.  The responses will allow working groups to prepare  development policies for Lovelace which reflect the views of the people in the area.

Responses to the Summer 2015 Survey can be viewed here    –     Lovelace Stakeholder Survey – Summer 2015

A summary of the analysis of the responses can be found here    –   Commentary on Survey Results 2015

The data was analysed and established the Plan should have 5 main sections, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure, Facilities and Business & Employment and reflect the views of those interested in the future of Lovelace as far as is possible.

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