This is where you will find information on the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan (LNP), which covers the villages and rural areas of Ripley, Ockham and Wisley, i.e. Lovelace.

The remit of the LNP is to provide  a positive vision of land use and housing development in the area over the next fifteen years, i.e. until 2033, meeting the local needs for housing and providing assisting provide for the Guildford Borough housing requirements.

The draft LNP, created on the views and wishes of the residents, employers, employees and visitors,  is reaching its final stages and a 6-week “Regulation 14” public consultations is expected to commence on 6th September until the extended date of 16th November 2018.  The consultation is specifically for all to view and comment on the draft policies proposed in the LNP and to show their agreement of each policy, or otherwise.

Information on the Regulation 14 consultation can be found under the ‘Weekly Update’ drop-down tab and other tabs provide information on the background, progress and previous public consultation results.  We hope to have a Facebook page and other social media shortly.

If you would like more information view the other pages on this site or send an email to

The Lovelace Steering Committee