The Lovelace Local Plan

Shaping the future of Ripley, Ockham and Wisley

Welcome to the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan

This is where you will find information on the Lovelace Neighbourhood Plan (LNP), which covers the villages and rural areas of Lovelace, i.e. Ripley, Ockham and Wisley.

The remit of the LNP is to provide  a positive vision of land use and housing development in the area over the next fifteen years, i.e. until 2034.  It looks at the housing need of Lovelace, whilst being aware that the area is expected to provide for a proportion of the Guildford Borough housing requirements.  It also looks at the environment, infrastructure and facilities and business and employment.

The draft LNP has been created from the responses to many public consultations and reflects the wishes of the community as far as is possible.  It is now moving towards the final stages and amendments are being made following a statutory public consultation held late in 2018.  This allowed all with in interest in Lovelace could make their comments on the draft policies.

This site provides copies of the full consultation plan, supporting documents, all the surveys and responses, a timeline of progress, who’s been involved, the policy groups, minutes, and a Q and A section.

View the tabs for information, or if you have a question not answered, email

The Lovelace Steering Committee


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  1. In my opinion building large housing estates, will have a huge impact on the environment and main roads, as now if an accident happens on the A3 or M25 Surrey comes to a grinding halt which in turn chokes the smaller roads which increase speeding and accidents has and will happen. Building smaller affordable housing or infill for the younger generation maybe the best solution.

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